Monthly Archives: March 2012

sniffle flake

So, I’m onto my second day of being sick, and battle number 87 with this stupid cold virus. And I’ve missed work. Twice. I feel like a total flake-a-saurus. Who misses work for a cold? Apparently, I do. But this is why. Last time, I tried to be a superwoman-hear-me-roar-while-I-make-dinner-take-out-the-trash-and-wipe-bottoms, while I’m sick kinda mama. […]

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just not making it

Do you know what I’m tired of? Struggling. I’ll give the disclaimer that I am beyond grateful for the things I have. I am a very lucky girl. I have a husband who adores me and healthy, spirited, creative children. I am (finally) gainfully employed at the only company that’s ever had an impact on […]

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