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loser mom

Today I got a phone call that cemented my status, at least in my own head. Loser mom.  Straight up. A pinched voice said, “Your kids are in the office. It’s minimum day. They’ve been here since 1:30 and now it’s 2:00. ” So send them to child care, I said, irritated. Which, of course, […]

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the weekend

Our weekend started off a little shaky. D went out of town to visit family. Which left me alone. With the kids. There may have been some tears involved. But we rallied. We started off with happiness in a bowl. And rain. Lots of rain. Which was followed by the greatest movie trilogy of all […]

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finding balance

I actually haven’t found it yet. Figuratively or literally. Not one iota. But I’m working on it. I had lunch with a long lost favorite person today, who I have vowed to keep in my back pocket and never lose again. As I’m getting older, I’m figuring some things out that other people seem born […]

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