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Bah. I am awake and the sun is not up.

But that’s not really a big deal; I’m usually up before the sun. Because I’m a Mommy rock star, of course. What is a big deal is that when I got up, the first number on my alarm was a four.

A mother freaking four.

And I’m not up to gym-it-up or catch up on fabulous television programming, (ahem, not swamp loggers or extreme gold panning), I am up because of my lovely husbands alarm. Which was set for him.

And not for me.

Ten years of marriage and this is one habit I have not been able to break. My husband is a snoozer. It drives me absolutely freaking bananas. There are mornings where he will hit that baby FIVE times, before finally getting up, throwing the covers around like a crazy person, and cursing that he is late.

I don’t get it.

My way of thinking, (which is absolutely the best, thank you very much), is that the sleep you would gain by just setting the alarm for the drop dead moment when you HAVE to wake up, would be exponentially better than the wake-up-to-a-screaming-alarm-every-fifteen-minutes variety.

Can I get an Amen?!?

Seriously, people. I have tried to understand how this works on any level. But my type A mentality just can’t make sense of it. Please rationalize this to me, or the husband sleeps with the fishes. Or at least in another room.

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