i hate moving.

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I am almost *positive* that I have another post by the same name. Because we move. A lot.

I would also like to note that it is very hard to type after two glasses of wine.

That last sentence took five minutes to type.

But I shall continue on, fueled by red wine and Toto. Because it is ONE year after our epic journey, from CA to AZ and we are moving. Again.

This IS a first though. It is the first move we have made that was not by choice. Our landlord has decided to sell. I love her so much that it makes it hard to hate her. But I do. In the absolute nicest way, of course.

After weeks of begging for us to somehow stay in the house that already has its own facebook page and for sale sign staked defiantly in the center of it all, my ten year old daughter has requested a pool “with a water feature” for our next home. My son is determined to stay on with the house, and become a surprise package deal for the next owners.

There is a photographer coming this weekend to take fancy shmancy feng shui pictures of the interior. I may or may not have plans to hide in closets and photobomb every single frame in a scary clown costume.

Toto helps to take the edge off these fantasies. As does the wine.

But I’m not making any promises.

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