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Today I took a picture of both my kiddos sitting on a couch. Together. They were almost touching. And it wasn’t staged.

But this so isn’t one of those blogs where you leave feeling like a lesser anything. So, I’ll tell you that this picture was taken because I was allowing my kids to watch total crap programming. Which is kind of a big deal in this house.

I pick my battles with these two. I try to bake all their snacks, so I know what’s in them. The shortest shorts the girl child wears are Bermudas. Up until this year, we shopped exclusively at gymboree and steered clear of the scary store. Manners are mandatory at all times. There are a list of words not included in any traditional four letter word list which are not allowed in our house (yes, I’m one of those mamas). And I don’t allow crap on TV. If you can’t learn a lesson from it, it’s not happening.

There’s no sponge bob, no weirdly inappropriate disney tween shows, and laugh tracks are unheard of. In their place is the Smithsonian channel, PBS and the National Geographic channel.

Commence eye rolling.

Sometimes I worry a teensy bit that I’m going to mess them up socially. My generation is all about what we watched on TV. Just look at any of those, “You know you’re from the 90’s articles” and you’ll find a good chunk is about what we watched. We own it with pride. What if my kids are on the playground and everyone is talking about one of those awful shows that make my ears bleed? Will they be those weird smelly kids in all natural fibers that just don’t get it?

So there are moments like today. When I hand the remote to my kiddos and let their brains rot a little. And they turn gooey and smiley and forget for a second that they hate (eek! one of the banned words!) their sibling with everything they’ve got…and I get a picture like this.

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