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It’s been awhile. So I figured I could get back into your good graces with some random bits of awesomeness.

In a word, pictures. Of my kids. Because who doesn’t love that?!?

Over the weekend, the boy child went on a playdate. Which ended up lasting the ENTIRE weekend. I kid you not. He went over Saturday, and we had to resort to begging at 6pm on Sunday to get him back.

The girl child thought it was the most fabulous thing ever, and was transported back in time to when she really was the only child. She asked if his playdate could go on forever. At one point, she pointed out that they obviously wanted to keep him, and she was okay with that.

We went to the beach and it was glorious. I know, I’m going to parental hell for admitting this. But there was no fighting, no sand throwing and no tattling.

beach 2

Like I said, glorious.


And when the boy child was finally returned to me, he was tired and smooshy and actually missed us.

angel bubs1

And a few days later, when he’d lost that lovin’ feeling, and wanted to go back to Cole’s house for a Tuesday sleepover and we refused, he took a vow of silence. To punish us.

post its

The girl child was once again ecstatic.

Yes. I do win at this parenting thing.


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