the weekend

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Our weekend started off a little shaky.

D went out of town to visit family. Which left me alone. With the kids.

There may have been some tears involved.

But we rallied.

We started off with happiness in a bowl. And rain. Lots of rain. blog 4

Which was followed by the greatest movie trilogy of all time.

Ahem. That would be Back to the Future, of course.

Which, apparently, is best viewed in the comfort of a laundry basket. Also, of course.

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We played soccer in the rain. Twice.

blog 7

blog 8

And the next day, the clouds parted, and Daddy came home.

Rejoicing was had by all.

blog 12

There were glorious coconut doughnuts.

blog 9

And after fourteen hours on the road, of course we put Daddy right to work.

blog 2

  Auntie A brought the kiddos these amazing balls of death and destruction.

blog 13

 …and by that, I mean, death by cuteness.

the girl

blog 10

There were reports of random sibling love

blog 11

which had to be documented for posterity.

blog 6

I know. I can hardly believe it myself.

And then we capped off the weekend with Blueberry muffins from scratch (yes, I’m bragging) and the Oscars. There may have been a tear or two in the batter. Allright allright allright.

blog 1

All in all, one pretty awesome weekend.

With a very happy Mommy.

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