today I met an old friend

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This is actually a fantastic line stolen from one of the most amazing movies you’ve never seen of all time.

I tend to somewhat exaggerate at times, so that last part may be debatable (and lately I am very much in the mood to argue, so bring it), but it’s absolutely one of my favorite movies, so it goes without saying that it should be one of yours as well.

Purple Violets. I love it. Pure freaking amazingness. Can I say amazing more?

Yes. I can, and I will. Because this movie incorporates all of the most fantastic things possible. Books. Artists. Strife. Lost loves. Neurotic people. Redheads. Fair Isle Sweaters. New England shores with lots of pebbly rocks. Typewriters with paper that need the carrier to be swung to the next line. And endless, angst ridden emo music. And rain. Lots of almost rain, where everything is wet, but you don’t need an umbrella.

Fantastic, right? Oh. And Ed Burns. I die.

But it has this great line, “today I met an old friend”, and that thought kept running through my head the other day. I truly believe that life is an endless string of meant-to-be’s. I find meaning in everything, and am an adamant believer in fate.
I have a girlfriend who knows me better than life itself. She just gets me. The high school me; before I discovered who I was myself. She gave me family when I had none. I spent more time in her tiny apartment than I did my college classes, and I have very cozy mac and cheese memories of those days, especially her knack for finding the best fat free muffins on the planet.

This was a long running thing between the two of us. She had the most amazing snack drawer, (and still does, to this day), and I happen to have a sweet tooth larger than Texas, (again, to this day). I also have a ridiculous battle with the scale, so she would sweetly offer me muffins, tailored to my calorie counting soul. Said muffins were from Costco, and dripping with butter.

This is one of the reasons that I love this woman. The other is that we can sit on her couch for hours, with nothing but a stack of stupid magazines between us that you’d be embarrassed to purchase, and be the most content beings on the planet. There’s much to be said for simple happiness like that.
But as happens with the advent of husbands and children and lives taking different paths, we’ve lost touch. And even though it’s been far too long since I’ve seen my friend, I find myself thinking of her more often than not. A true friend is never far from your soul.
So, when Mr. Fancy Truck, (my husband’s new moniker, with the advent of “our” purchase of a ridiculously oversized vehicle), and I decided to run some errands, who do we run into? That’s right.

Today, I found an old friend.

It’s amazing what a simple moment can do for your being. I felt five pounds lighter, while my heart felt fuller than it has in a very long time. She mentioned that I need to write more, because she can hear me in every blog I write, and that was ridiculously powerful. Most of the time, I feel like I write these pieces of me and throw them into the expansive world of the net, and wonder if anyone hears what I’m saying. Doing it for the sake of writing is more than enough, but unprovoked enthusiasm over it is every writer’s fervent desire. At least it is for me, damnit.

My little mama is in girl scouts right now, (and can I just say, NOT fun when you are the parent of said scout?), but one lesson I constantly need to be reminded of is this:
Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.
Today I found an old friend. And I intend to work on that part of me that needs to be constantly reminded to find these things. Life moves too fast to find things that should never have been misplaced.


  1. tonja

    I love reading your blog!! And almost always I feel like you have somehow jumped into my life, read my thoughts, and then blogged it for me. Keep writing…its my own self-care

    • Michelle Painter

      Awwwwwwe. I cannot tell you how much I love your comment. Sending a big sloppy hug your way. Move to CA already, damnit!

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